Nightingale Tea

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Nightangle tea Tourism

We would like to present Nightingale Tea Tourism, an exceptional travel destination offering tea-themed tours and experiences to travelers from around the world. Our goal is to provide unique and immersive journeys that showcase the history, culture, and beauty of tea. Whether our guests are tea enthusiasts or individuals seeking new adventures, we would like to give best experience in Dooars, West Bengal.

Nightangle Tea Tourism


Our bungalows and cottages are situated amidst lush green tea gardens, offering guests a tranquil environment and captivating
views from their balconies and rooms. We have the following accommodation options:

Mateli Tea Estate

Chuapara Tea Estate

Jaint Tea Estate


attached bathroom ideal for families.

Room amenities: 24/7 Power Backup, Room Heater, Hot Water, Television.

Each cottage or bungalow includes a drawing room, dining room, kitchen & store, sit-out balcony, and manicured garden.

24/7 dedicated staff & Parking available.

Unveil a Realm of Creativity Amidst Dooars'
Nightingale Tea Garden Bliss

Welcome to an oasis of inspiration and serenity nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Dooars, West Bengal. If you seek a haven to weave your words and let your imagination flourish, you’ve found your sanctuary.